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nursing program california:Two-Year Nursing Degree Programs

LPN nursing is licensed practical nursing. It is the same thing as LPN-Licensed-Vocational-Nurse-LVN/">LVN nursing, which is licensed vocational nursing. The difference between the names is only that. Some states call it LPN and some call it LVN. The things they can do, the interventions are the same.

Many of the Florida community colleges offer an Associate of Science degree in nursing. Generally, a two-year nursing degree allows the graduate to take the national exam to obtain a Registered Nurse license. The full-time program prepares the student to work in a nursing position and helps to prepare him or her for further nursing studies (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctoral) through a university program.

The LPN takes care of a patient. That seems to be a simple concept but consider all that it entails. The patient's activities of daily living, or ADL's, include personal hygiene care. If the patient can not take care of their own needs, such as cleaning their body, hair, genitalia or feet then the LPN does it for them. This is also a great time to do an assessment of the person's skin and check their circulation. While you are helping them, you also could be teaching about how to do it properly. Not everyone knows proper technique of hygiene.

LVN school programs prepare students to work in a variety of healthcare environments, from in-home health care to acute care, to nursing home care. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an LVN may work 40 hours or more a week and earn approximately $40,000 a year. Students must complete their LVN school certificate program from accredited nursing facilities and programs to meet minimum requirements for entry level positions in such facilities.

The nursing program california are built around these concepts. Beginning students will take a Fundamental Nursing class and an Anatomy and Physiology class. These two classes work well side by side. As they are learning about the body and how it functions, they are also learning about how they fit into this career called nursing. With this knowledge base, the student will take a Pharmacology course as well as a Medical/Surgical course. Again, these courses work well together as the student learns about specific illnesses and diseases with what types of medications may be prescribed. The final courses the student takes are in the specialty areas of Obstetrics/Maternity, Pediatrics, and Psychiatric Nursing.They will take an exam called the NCLEX-PN and upon passing, will receive their license, the LPN/LPN and begin their new career!

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